Working in Small Spaces with Maeda Mini Cranes

Maeda mini craneWorking on construction sites and making sure projects are finished on deadline is always stressful for site managers. Add to that the possibility of machinery not being able to do the tasks at hand due, in large part, to their sheer size in relation to space available, and this can lead to many sleepless nights.

Working in small spaces on construction sites is a difficulty most construction companies have faced in the past and will continue to face in the future – spaces are getting smaller and harder to work in. Enter the MC104 CER Mini Crane from Maeda to solve the, “not being able to work in small spaces” problem that challenges bigger machines like our cherry picker or scissor lift options.

The MC104 is the smallest of the Maeda mini cranes range, but when it comes to this mini crane, dynamite definitely comes in small packages. The MC104’s small body allows it to fit through a standard doorway, which means that you can now gain access to areas in construction sites that were previously not accessible to standard cranes. Not only do the mini cranes fit into small spaces, but they also have the ability to lift heavy loads once they are in these previously inaccessible areas on your construction site. In addition to this, mini cranes come standard with electric motors, which make them highly environmentally-friendly.

Maeda has been in the business of making mini cranes since 1980 and therefore are market leaders in their industry. The mini cranes are already becoming the “must-have” piece of machinery in a variety of projects, ranging from panelling and cladding, to specialist lifting and restoration projects. New uses for these mini cranes are being found daily, and end-users are also getting the added benefit of saving both money and time on projects.

EaziSales is very proud to now be offering Maeda’s products to the African market. Mini cranes will not only meet your needs, they will exceed them too!

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