Working at Height Just Got Higher

telehandlers-for-saleTelehandlers were manufactured to make sure that no place is too high when it comes to working on construction sites. Work at height equipment is vital to any construction site and making sure that workers can get to where they need to be is of the utmost importance to all in the construction industry. Magni understands, better than most other equipment manufacturers, that working at height is a way of life, and so recently launched the RTH 5.35 telescopic handler. The RTH 5.35 is the highest telescopic handler in the world; it reaches a maximum height of 35 metres, and if that isn’t impressive enough on its own, it has a load capacity of 2.2 tons. Eazi Sales, in partnership with Magni, now has these telehandlers for sale. Both companies are working together to ensure that the African construction industry receives the best equipment that there is to aid in the development of the continent.

With a 35 metre reach and a 2.2 ton load capacity, people would expect the RTH 5.35 to be a bulky machine that is difficult to transport and manoeuvre around sites, but the reality is that, despite its massive performances, the RTH 5.35 remains very compact; its chassis is only 15 cm longer than the RTH 5.30m, proving once again that it is a telehandler like no other.

The RTH 5.35 seems too good to be true; it reaches higher, has a great load capacity, and is compact – what more could you want from your telehandlers? The RTH 5.35 delivers so much more than what has been previously mentioned. What is really innovative about it is the boom construction; it is made of 6 sections and 2 extension cylinders, which are found on the outer side of the boom. This positioning leaves more free space inside for hoses and pipes. Thanks to this positioning, there is a lesser chance of accidental damages happening. Further, there are two types of internal hoses: six-glued and four-glued hoses, which remove the previous problem of friction in their movement, or the problem of twisting.

Magni really has gone above and beyond with the RTH 5.35; the features and benefits of this machine speak for themselves and Eazi Sales is happy to be on board with Magni to continue to provide only the best work at height solutions to Africa.

About the Author: Eazi Sales