The construction industry embraces social media

For a very long time it has been hard to make great, shareable content for various social platforms – the fact of the matter is that when hydraulics lifts, work platforms, telehandlers and cranes are involved it is usually on a construction site and therefore not the most beautiful of environments, which is why, until recently, the construction industry has shied away from social media.

Construction sites are typically dusty, dirty and not easy on the eyes. A drive through Sandton Central Business District will show you just how annoying construction sites are to the everyday road user; when you have been stuck in traffic for an extra 20 minutes because a crane is moving building material from point A to point B it is hard to find any beauty in the construction happening around you – lucky for us, an Instagram account called Lookingupatcranes managed to look past all the annoyances that sometimes blind us from realising the true beauty that can be found around a construction site.


The Instagram account called lookingupatcranes takes a look at the beauty of cranes in their natural environment – on a construction site.

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Images of cranes are submitted from a community of over 1000 people who follow the Instagram account, a look through the images will show you cranes from all around the world – a quick browse through the account showed images from New York and Hong Kong.

In the world of social media it is difficult for any brand to get beautiful content that is visually appealing and shareable, while encouraging organic growth and community participation. The lookingupatcranes Instagram account is definitely one to follow if you are in the construction industry, but better than that, it is an account to follow if you just love beautiful images.

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