Telehandler Attachments JLG

Attachments for JLG Telehandlers

Our full range of options and accessories extends the versatility and performance of your telehandler. Choose from a wide range of attachments, such as buckets, carriages and smart platforms, so you can handle an even wider variety of jobs faster and with greater ease.

Light Material Bucket

1 Light Material Bucket
Clean up the job site, spread gravel or for loading and leveling.

Standard Carriage

2 Standard Carriage
Forks that are fully floating and adjustable side-to-side for efficient load entry and exit.

Smart Basket *

9 Smart basket
Extend the capabilities of your telehandler and get more work done by lifting material and persons to working heights.

Fork Positioning Carriage *

4 Fork Positioning Carriage
Provides the ability to adjust the position of each fork independently, allowing the operator to handle a variety of palletized loads without having to leave the cab.

4 in one Bucket

5 4 in one bucket
Carry out multiple activities with the 4 in one (cylinder operated) bucket.

Side-Shift Carriage

6 Side-Shift Carriage
10 cm left and right carriage shift allows for more precise load placement.

Digging Bucket *

7 Digging Bucket
Dig, scoop and carry debris like gravel or dirt, also used for job site clean up.

Fork Mounted Lifting Hook

10 Fork Mounted Lifting Hook
Add versatility to any standard carriage by lifting and lowering objects without changing attachments.

Truss Boom *

11 Truss Boom
Allows operator to set trusses and wall sections for wood and steel building construction. Available with or without winch.

Concrete Ladle

12 Concrete ladle
Increase efficiency that is required to get concrete materials to elevated sites.

Manure Bucket

3 Manure Bucket
Features a hydraulic grapple arm to assist in job site cleanup.

 2m Pallet Forks *

8 2m pallet forks
Ideal for large, flat materials, limiting damage during transport such as drywall or steel plates.

* Attachment only for powershift

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