Magni RTH 5.25 Smart

  • Cabins capable of 360° continuous rotation
  • High tension steel booms offer extreme sturdiness and rigidity
  • Multifunction joysticks and touch screen displays for ease of operation
  • Fully enclosed, airtight and pressurised cab
  • Patented pivoting and telescoping stabilising system for increased stability and lifting performance
  • Active dynamic stabilising system automatically calculates bearing capacity and adapts load chart
  • Quick-fit attachment coupling system improves performance and safety
  • Automatic recognition of attachments and related load charts
  • Touch screen display of all engine, transmission and load monitoring system information
  • Engine rate is automatically adjusted to suit the speed of the hydraulic movements required
  • Electronically controlled Bosch Rexroth transmission for fast driving (40km/h) and 10-15% fuel consumption reductions

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  • Maximum lifting capacity: 4999 kg
  • Maximum lifting height: 24.60 m
  • Maximum Reach: 19.00 m
  • Capacity at Max Reach: 200 Kg
  • Engine: Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 Stage 4 Final
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic circuit (500 bar)
  • Travel speed: 40 km / h
  • Steering radius: 6.13m
  • Drawbar pull: 80 kN
  • Rotation: continuous 360°
  • Length: 7.580m
  • Width: 2.510m
  • Height: 3.052m
  • Weight: 16,700kg
  • Fuel: Diesel direct injection turbocharged
  • Cooling System: Water-intercooled


Load Chart

RTH-5-23-Smart_360 chart_Fotor1