Maeda Mini Cranes MC815C

Key Specs

  • Crane Capacity: 8090kg x 2.4m
  • Max. Working Radius: 18.8m x 340kg
  • Max. Lifting Height: 19.6m x 2390kg (25.5m x 1000kg with fly jib)
  • Pick & Carry Capacity: 1000kg

Key Features

  • Moment limiter
  • Steel tracks
  • Overwind protection
  • Load indicator
  • Self levelling function
  • Hydraulic safety valves
  • Wire rope latch
  • Level
  • Tilt alarm
  • Hour meter
  • Data logger
  • EMO switch
  • LED working status lamp
  • Working light
  • Travel lock lever
  • Crane/outrigger interlock device
  • Slew restriction system
  • 6-fall / 4-fall / 2-fall hook block
  • Front and left side camera
  • Joystick type radio remote control
  • Multi outrigger mode


General Specifications
Crane Capacity 8090kg x 2.4m
Max. Working Radius 18.8m x 340kg
Max. Lifting Height 19.6m x 2390kg (25.5m x 1000kg with fly jib)
Hook Speed 20.6m/min (4 layers, 6 parts of line)
Single Line Speed 123.6 m/min (4 layers)
Hoist Rope IWRC6xFi(29)Ø10mmx150m
Telescopic system:
Boom Length 5.52m ~19.40m
Boom Type Fully automatic 5 section pentagonal telescopic boom
Traction System
Drive Hydraulic motor driven, stepless speed changer
Gradability 23°
Crawler Length x Width 2.246m×0.400m
Ground Pressure 0.53 kgf / cm2 and 0.54 kgf / cm2 with electric motor
Model Yammer 4TNV88C-NMB
Type 4 cylinder diesel, water cooled, direct injection
Rated Output 30.5kW / 2500 rpm
Starting Method Electric
Fuel Tank / Capacity Diesel / 70L

Load Chart


Height: 2490
Width: 1670
Length: 5900




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