Maeda Mini Cranes CC1485S – 1

Key Specs

  • Crane Capacity: 6000kg x 2.6m
  • Max. Working Radius: 16.1m
  • Max. Lifting Height: 16.7m (22.0m with Fly Jib)
  • Pick & Carry Capacity: 2000kg

Key Features

  • Designed Moment limiter & 7 inch monitor
  • Link slide door for less dust / sand clogging
  • Larger foot space in operation area by removed travel pedals
  • Accessory power equipped as standard
  • EU stage III B compliant new engine
  • Increased fuel efficiency (-40% compared with current model)
  • Roof window wiper standard
  • Rear view camera standard
  • Moment limiter display shifts to rear view monitor
  • Easy maintenance of engine room with layout designed exclusively for crane model
  • Maintenance – free for slew motor gear oil
  • Tail swing 50mm shorter than current model
  • Total height 100mm shorter than current model
  • Counterweight less than 3.0t
  • Machine weight less than 15t (with rubber pads)


General Specifications
Crane Capacity 6000kg x 2.6m
Max. Working Radius 16.1m
Max. Lifting Height 16.7m (22m with Fly Jib)
Hook Speed 32.0m/min [46.0m/min] (4 layers, 4 falls)
Single Line Speed 72m / min. (4th layer)
Hoist Rope IWRC 6 x Fi(29) φ10mm x 115m
Telescopic system:
Boom Length 4.735m – 16.475m
Number of wire falls for Hook 4 falls / 2 falls
Boom Type Fully automatic 5 section pentagonal telescopic boom
Traction System
Travel Speed Forward & backward 0~3.2km/h
Gradability 34°
Crawler Length x Width 2880mm x 500mm
Ground Pressure 49.0kPa (0.50kgf/cm2) [500mm]
Emission level EU Stage3B
Rated Output 40.3kW/2,000min(54.8PS/2,000rpm)
Displacement 2.179L (2.179cc)
Fuel Tank / Capacity Diesel / 140L





Load Chart

Maeda Cranes CC-Series Models CC1485S-1 RTL chart RTL 1fallCC1485S-1 RTL chart RTL 2fallsCC1485S-1 RTL chart RTL 4falls


Height: 1980
Width: 1380
Length: 4980
Weight: 5600 kg




Range Brochure

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Application Brochure

Maeda Application Brochure