JLG’s range of telehandlers

Telescopic material handlers, or telehandlers as they are commonly known as, are the safest, fastest and most cost-effective way to move more materials around a work site. Whether you are clearing a site, loading and offloading trucks, or moving and placing pallets or materials around the site, the strength, durability and versatility of JLG’s range of telehandlers will significantly boost job site safety and productivity.

JLG is the largest manufacturer of telescopic material handlers (telehandlers) in the USA and one of the leading distributors in Europe. And the reason is simple: made to perform, JLG telehandlers are efficient for a myriad of everyday tasks, easy to maintain and a pleasure to operate. Tough, reliable and powerful, JLG telehandlers can do more in less time, with fuel-efficient diesel engines to lift more with greater control, excellent rough terrainability and superb traction through a wide speed range, and compact designs with a tight turning radius for confined spaces.

JLG’s wide range of telehandlers – with capacities up to 4 tons and a reach extending to 16.7 m – means that you can find the ideal solution for almost any application on the job site. The Compact range of telehandlers redefines usability, performance and comfort. With fuel capacity for up to 8 hours of continuous work, a tight turning radius for confined work areas, JLG’s Compact telehandlers offer outstanding hydraulic performance, electronic boom angle sensing, enhanced steer angles, rear wheel assisted steering alignment and optional 4-wheel alignment.

The JLG® 2505 Super Compact Telehandler features extreme compact dimensions – just 1.8 m wide and 1.9 m high, with a turning radius of 3.35 m – to move in and out of small spaces, easier to operate variable speed transmission for more control as well as a choice of 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab steering modes.

JLG® Powershift Telehandlers, featuring four speed powershift transmission for extra traction through a wide speed range, as well as 4-wheel drive and steering, are designed for offer optimal productivity, reliability and enhanced performance for the toughest of applications in heavy duty environments. The industry-leading load-sensing variable displacement piston pump with its 132l/min output offers improved lifting performance, cuts fuel consumption and reduces cycle times.

In addition, these versatile machines are available with a comprehensive range of attachments, such as lifting hooks, material buckets and carriages, which are quick and easy to change thanks to the  JLG Quick Switch coupler. Hydraulic outlets or optional electric cables at the boom end power the attachments. This means you can tailor your telehandler to suit your precise needs and do many different jobs with one machine, so more work can be done per shift.
JLG Telehandlers are also efficient to maintain, with easy-to-access routine maintenance areas. A JLG-designed electronic control system for the engine and hydraulics has a built-in analyser for easier servicing. This increases uptime and ensures controlled running costs. These machines also offer a comfortable work environment, thanks to improved visibility, enhanced controls, a comfortable seat in the centred cab and a multifunctional joystick, to enhance productivity.

All JLG equipment features a range of the most advanced and innovative safety features to enhance job site safety and are backed up by comprehensive warranties backed by a global brand, as well as local on-call onsite repair services; local workshop repairs, maintenance and services; and an impressive local stock of spares and parts.

Eazi Sales & Service, the sole distributor of JLG equipment in Southern Africa, has extensive experience in providing the right equipment for tough African conditions across a range of industries. We will gladly assist you with expert advice to ensure you select the ideal telehandler for your specific needs. We will also deliver your JLG telehandler with a highly-trained technician to assist with onsite set up; provide onsite machine-specific training for operators; offer a full service or customised maintenance plan; and provide optional accessories to customise your telehandler.

Simply contact us now for a professional onsite, telephonic or electronic needs assessment and a full turnkey solution to your material handling requirements.

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