JLG’s Range of Aerial Work Platforms (Cherry Pickers)

Cherry pickers, as aerial or access work platforms are commonly referred to, are the safest, fastest and most cost-effective way to work at height across a range of industries, from mining to aviation and from facilities management to warehousing.

The word “cherry pickers” actually refers to an impressive range of equipment used to safely, efficiently and cost-effectively lift workers to height to perform a myriad of tasks, from inspections and routine maintenance to stock picking and construction jobs, without using time-consuming, expensive and often dangerous access systems such as ladders, scaffolding, bosun’s chairs and rope swings.

JLG’s range of access work platforms include mast lifts, vertical personnel lifts, stock pickers, boom lifts, compact crawlers (also known as spider lifts) as well as towable boom lifts. Within each of these categories of aerial or access work platforms, there is a range of models featuring different working heights and platform capacities, to ensure you can select the ideal cherry picker for your specific job requirements.

Mast lifts, vertical personnel lifts and stock pickers are vertical boom lifts that extend up and down along a straight, vertical mast boom. With lifting capacities up to 230 kg, working heights of up to 14 m, and a choice of models in the Toucan range that also offers horizontal outreach, these cherry pickers allow workers to do more, faster and safely, with both hands free and plenty of space to work in. The cherry pickers also offer compact designs and outstanding maneuverability for close access to hard-to-reach areas. They are available in both electric self-propelled models, which can be safely driven at height, and extremely affordable push-around models.

Available in engine-powered (diesel or petrol) models for rough terrain work, or electric-powered options for indoor applications or noise and air pollution sensitive work areas, JLG’s range of boom lifts offer exceptional working heights of up to 47 m, horizontal outreach of up to 24 m and platform capacities of up to 450 kg, allowing more workers, with more tools, to work at height safely and efficiently. Choose from telescopic (straight) booms, ideal for reaching exceptional heights, or articulating (jointed) booms, ideal for reaching up and over machinery, equipment, and other obstacles, and for reaching other elevated positions not easily approached by a straight (telescopic) boom lift.

JLG’s Compact Crawler boom lifts, often referred to as spider lifts because of their extreme flexibility, redefine maneuverability and access in hard-to-reach areas. Ranging in working height from 14 m to 23 m, and outreach extending to 11 m, these cherry pickers are take articulation to the extreme to provide exceptional up-and-over reach in the most difficult-to-reach areas. Light weight for use in areas with low ground bearing pressures and compact to pass through narrow spaces, these cherry pickers feature a tracked wheel carriage that climbs steps, outriggers that automatically level on uneven surfaces and a choice of three power options to ensure suitability for indoor or rough terrain use.

Towable booms, requiring only a trailer hitch to be transported quickly and safely, allow you to take your cherry picker wherever you are working. JLG’s Tow-Pro™ Series also feature hydraulic auto-levelling outriggers for fast, safe and easy set up anywhere.

All JLG’s access work platforms feature a range of the most advanced and innovative safety features to enhance job site safety, are cost-effective to own, easy to maintain and user-friendly to operate, and will significantly increase productivity across a range of work at height jobs. All JLG cherry pickers are backed up by comprehensive warranties backed by a global brand, as well as local on-call onsite repair services; local workshop repairs, maintenance and services; and an impressive local stock of spares and parts.

Eazi Sales & Service, the sole distributor of JLG equipment in Southern Africa, has extensive experience in providing the right equipment for tough African conditions across a range of industries. We will gladly assist you with expert advice to ensure you select the ideal machine for your specific needs. We will also deliver your JLG cherry picker with a highly-trained technician to assist with onsite set up; provide onsite machine-specific training for operators; offer a full service or customised maintenance plan; and provide optional accessories to customise your equipment.

Simply contact us now for a professional onsite, telephonic or electronic needs assessment and a full turnkey solution to your work at height requirements.

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