JLG Machine Was the Only Alternative

2012-12-06_104945When an access solution was needed to operate in an urban location where zero emissions were important, at a 60ft (18.3m) working height with a weight of less than 15500lb (7030kg). Metal enclosure contractor crown corr called on llllni HIREACH Lemont, llllnots.

Llllni is a specialist in renting aerial work platforms, Crown Corr has worked with llllni many times in the past and knew they would be able to supply the right machine for the job, which was operating from the second level retail plaza in the Roosevelt connection, an 8-acre retall and residential project near downtown Chicago, llllnots , USA.

If the JLG E600 Electric Boom Lift hadn’t been available, the crew from Crown Corr would have to use swing stages to reach the work areas. With the additional amount it would take to set up, tear up and move swing stages it would have taken much longer to complete the job.

The E600 Electric Boom Lift, believed to be currently be the tallest Electric Boom Lift in the World operates emission-free, has 60 ft. (18.3m) Platform height and weight 15.200 lb. (7.030kg).

It also has all-wheel drive, Automatic Traction control, an oscillating axle and no-marking tyres.

“We used these machines when we worked on an Indianapolls airport,” said Mr. Lolkema of Crown Corrs. They worked hard and the lasted all day on a single charge. I told lllni to send me two of them, He added.

Operators quickly realized the time and labor saving benefits of the JLG E600 Boom lift over using swing stages. With the Boom Lift, they were able to drive the machine around the work site, raise the platform to the overhead work area to perform their job, the lower the Boom and drive the machine to the next work area.

No time consuming erecting, dismantling and re positioning the swing stages.

Another feature that proved valuable on the job was E600’s low noise emission, said Mr. Lolkema,” The JLG is so quiet that the crews can hear each other when they talk.

On most jobs sites, the gas and diesel powered machines are so noisy”.

The majority of the work in the early stages of the project involved placing and welding angles for panel support. Once the support work is complete, they will begin to attach the architectural metal skin panels to the buildings, because of the increased productivity and versatility of the E600, work is progressing so well that Crown Corr has ordered two additional machines.

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