An Introduction to Scissor Lifts

70_JLG_80SL_2_P4What is a scissor lift?

A scissor lift is a cherry picker – or aerial work platform (AWP) or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP), as it is also called – that is raised vertically by means of criss-crossing (scissor) metal supports that elongate as the platform is raised to gain access to worksites at height. They feature large flat rectangular platforms enclosed by guardrails and for this reason they are also sometimes called table lifts.

Scissor lifts are designed to lift workers, tools and materials to height, quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

Special attributes and unique features
While scissor lifts are characterized by their scissor-like lifting mechanism and large rectangular work platforms, these cherry pickers are available in many sizes and configurations – from narrow, compact platforms for use in confined spaces to large capacity platforms that can lift several people, along with tools and materials.

For example, JLG’s range of scissor lifts offers large platforms with deck extensions to ensure even more workspace.  And while JLG’s range of scissor lifts offers exceptional working heights of up to 26m, what really set these machines apart from cherry pickers are their impressive capacities up to 1 ton.

What also makes scissor lifts exceptionally useful is their rigidity – these cherry pickers have no sway and therefore offer superior stability.

Scissor lifts, in general, are powered by diesel for rough terrain applications, or electric-powered, zero-emission versions with non-marking tyres for indoor use or sensitive environments. However, advancements in technology have made possible dual-powered scissor lifts powerful enough for rough terrain use yet also suitable for sensitive environments. For example, JLG’s LE series range of scissor lifts operate on battery power and offer a longer runtime, but can be equipped with an on-board diesel generator that kicks in to recharge the batteries on worksites where exhaust is acceptable.

For which applications is it most useful for?
Scissor lifts are raised vertically and therefore do not offer the horizontal outreach provided by boom lifts. They are therefore ideal for worksites at height that can be accessed from directly below the worksite.
They are also ideal for jobs that require stability, such as when several workers must be lifted, as well as for jobs that require large, high capacity work platforms, for example, when tools and materials need to be lifted with the workers.

For this reason, applications for scissor lifts can be found in all industries where workers are required to work at height with their tools and materials. Scissor lifts are especially popular in the construction and maintenance industries, as well as in warehouses, storage space facilities and loading bays where goods and items are lifted up and down.

Scissor lifts can also be customised for specific applications, such as welding, electrical work and plumbing, with JLG’s Workstation in the Sky® accessory packages.

What it can do for you…
Thanks to the exceptional stability, large platforms, high capacities and heights scissor lifts can reach, JLG’s range of scissor lifts allow more workers, more tools and more materials to be lifted to height safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Speak to us at Eazi Sales & Service to ensure you have the right JLG scissor lift for your specific applications, so you can harness all the many safety, productivity and time-saving benefits of using a scissor lift.

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