Increasing Safety and Productivity with Vertical Lifts and Mast Booms

Vertical lifts and mast booms are designed as safer and more convenient alternatives to scaffolding, allowing workers to access hard-to-reach places quickly and safely.


The AccessMaster is a push-around vertical lift that has a narrow design, allowing it to fit through doorways. This makes it ideal for indoor construction and maintenance work – for instance, if your workers need to wire electrical systems, paint cornices, or access a roof in order to fix plumbing problems.


They can lift up to 160 kilograms, so your workers can carry tools and materials with them. It is available in five different models, with heights ranging from 6.22 metres to 12.50 metres. The AccessMaster will save you time and money in the long run by ensuring that work gets done quicker.


Mobile Vertical Lifts (or MVLs) are equipped with joystick point-and-go systems. This gives the driver control, as well as providing a smoother drive. They are very stable because of their anodised masts. They can be driven while at full height, and are suited to factory work as well as construction work in retail, airports, or public buildings. They are electrically powered and are equipped with long cycle batteries that hold their charge. They are suited to jobs like hanging signs, electrical work, and maintenance.


The Toucan aerial work platform is a heavy duty machine. It has a forklift-style mast. The platform is spacious enough to hold two workers, and t can be used indoors and outdoors. It has a centralised battery fill, making battery maintenance easier. The Toucan is unique because of the jib, which provides increased vertical movement. The 10E, for instance, accommodates up to 127 degrees. This gives this aerial work platform horizontal outreach over obstacles. Further, it can be driven at full height and it has an in-built pothole protection system that will provide support if it is driven over uneven surfaces.


The 123OES mast lift is compact, with a small turning radius for tight workspaces. It is also light, meaning it can be used on weight-sensitive floors. It has a weight capacity of 230 kilograms, and is able to carry both workers and gear. It has an efficient electric drive, allowing it to run longer than any other lift in its class. It also has low operating costs because it doesn’t have chains, cables, or rollers in its mast. It raises or lowers in only 12 seconds, saving you time.


The Toucan Duo Mobile Vertical Lift has a double side entry platform. Its powered material tray makes it ideal for stock picking and inventory control. It also has a spring-retracting belt guard that secures stock items on the tray and prevents them from falling.


Vertical lifts and mast booms are aerial work platforms that help you to be more productive when conducting maintenance and electrical work.


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