How Cherry Pickers Improve Site Safety

Compared to the traditional methods of working at height, such as ladders, scaffolding, bosun’s chairs and rope swings, cherry pickers – or aerial work platforms (AWP) or mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), as they are also called – are undoubtedly the safest way to work at height. This makes cherry pickers the only safe choice for companies who adhere to safety regulations requiring that work should be organised to minimise risk.

Ladders are by far the leading cause of falls associated with work at height and according to the most progressive safety regulations, should only be used when no other work at height solution can be justified. Scaffolding is expensive and time-consuming to erect but, more importantly, the erection and dismantling of scaffolding, and the use thereof, is fraught with safety risks. Bosun’s chairs and rope swings also add significant risk of accidents and injuries to a worksite.
Cherry pickers improve site safety in numerous ways.

Firstly, cherry pickers eliminate the need to use more risky ladders, scaffolding, bosun’s chairs and rope swings. Wherever workers need to work at height, they can be safely and quickly lifted to the right position, and the work platform can be repositioned by the operator on the work platform even while it is elevated.

This eliminates the need to climb up and down ladders and scaffolding, and the need to reposition these continuously during the work day, along with the risks associated with such climbing and repositioning. As such, cherry pickers also reduce fatigue and reduce stress, which in turn reduces the risk of accidents caused by tired, stressed workers.

Secondly, cherry pickers feature stable work platforms that are enclosed by guardrails to prevent the possibility of falls. These work platforms are large enough to accommodate the tools, equipment and materials workers will need to complete the job, eliminating to need for carrying these items while climbing a ladder or scaffolding, or winching these items up to the worksite.

Thirdly, on a stable and secure cherry picker work platform, there is no need for workers to be holding on to anything to prevent falling – workers have both hands free, and their tools at hand – to complete the job without compromising their safety or risking a fall.

Fourthly, cherry picker work platforms can be positioned precisely at the worksite, placing workers in the most ergonomic work position to complete the job safely and comfortably. This prevents over-reaching which often leads to falls, as well as unnecessary strain injury.

Fifthly, cherry pickers are automated machines, with a range of built-in safety features to prevent accidents. This reduces the risk of accidents caused by human error, allows workers fewer options and therefore fewer opportunities to make the wrong choice and makes it easier to maintain safety standards on site. The machine-specific training that is part of your package when you acquire a JLG cherry picker from Eazi Sales & Service further ensures safe operation of these advanced work at height solutions.

JLG’s range of cherry pickers is designed for maximum safety and comes standard with the latest in advanced safety features. Speak to us at Eazi Sales & Service to improve exponentially the safety on your worksite with the right JLG cherry picker that will deliver all these safety benefits to your worksite.

About the Author: Gary