A History of Innovating and Creating Solutions

jay_eitelIn 1944, a young boy named Jay Eitel, picking cherries during his summer holiday, became exasperated at the time-consuming and exhausting practice of climbing down the ladder he was using to reposition it countless times during the day. Working on a solution in the evenings and during weekends, he set about creating the world’s very first “cherry picker” and laid the foundation for the multi-billion dollar mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) industry.

John L Grove

Twenty years later, in 1969, John L. Grove, founder of JLG Industries, Inc. stepped up the game by inventing the first self-propelled boom lift.


LarryCraigBuilding on this proud history, Eazi Sales & Service prides itself on its commitment and dedication to innovation and solutions.

This is why we are in the lifting and access equipment industry. This is why we do more than sell quality equipment – we provide turnkey solutions and customised industry-specific solutions.