• What are my legal obligations in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act?
  • What are the benefits of maintaining your machine properly?
  • What are benefits of our annual service plan?
  • What is included and excluded in an annual service plan?
  • What are my obligations to uphold the manufacturer warranty?


Legal obligations in terms of OH&S act

  • Machine must be serviced in accordance with manufacturers recommendations
  • Machine requires an statutory annual load test to be performed
  • Machine records need to be available for a safety inspection
  • Operators need to be trained every 12 months


The benefits of maintaining your machine are

  • Ensure your machine is safe to operate
  • Make sure your machine complies with statutory requirements
  • Regular services will prolong the life of your machine and make sure your unit continually runs at optimal levels minimizing unexpected down time
  • Reduction in the running costs of your machine by identifying preventative maintenance and repair work before major failure


The benefits of a service plan

  • Priority call outs for break downs
  • Discount on parts
  • Discounted travel rates
  • Machine history kept on file and available for safety audits
  • After hours telephone support and call outs
  • Preferential training rates
  • An annual load test to ensure that your machine is certified as safe in terms of OH&S standards
  • Warranty management to ensure that all in warranty claims are accepted by the manufacturer
  • Reduction in the running costs of your machine through identifying preventative maintenance & repair work before major failure
  • Eazi will ensure that all service bulletins which require modifications and or parts replacement are done at no cost


What is included in a service plan

  • Engine service
  • Hydraulic service with new oil and filters
  • Battery inspection and top up of battery water
  • Full function test to ensure machine is operating in accordance with manufacturer standards
  • Check speed settings are correct
  • Detailed Inspections
  • Statutory load test


What is excluded from a service plan

  • Damage resulting from misuse of the machine
  • Out of warranty wear and tear repairs

Obligations in terms of manufacturers warranty

  • Machines that are purchased with a 12 month comprehensive warranty and a 60 month structural warranty must be serviced and inspected by qualified service agents

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