Economical JLG Aerial Platforms trump traditional scaffolding

September 2013

Economical JLG Aerial Platforms trump traditional scaffolding

PR EAZ 3541 MEWPIn these fast-paced times, it is becoming essential for companies to cut costs, get the job done quicker and increase productivity without cutting corners on safety. This is visible on mining and construction sites, where more modern equipment in the form of MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) are being used to access height on site, replacing the traditional construction methods, such as scaffolding.

Although scaffolding does provide certain advantages on-site, it is highly time consuming, often taking weeks to plan and erect, requiring safety certifications before production can begin, resulting in a loss of labour and construction time. Coupled with this, the space required for scaffolding rigs limits access to the building, reducing entry points for equipment installation.

MEWPs provide access to height without the time delay required to erect scaffolding, offering versatility and a higher speed of access, enabling operators to meet tighter deadlines while requiring less labour. JLG, distributed in sub-Sahara Africa by Eazi Sales & Service, offers a range of MEWP’s which can reach up to 47 metres. Understanding that an hour of runtime equals an hour of income; JLG has developed the QuickStick®, which vastly shortens lifting time of the tower boom and main boom which can be simultaneously lifted in less than two minutes. Less construction down time is achieved, making aerial work platforms an essential investment for any construction or steel erection company.

JLG MEWPs also provide added flexibility at height, with the JLG-developed JibPLUS, enabling the extension of the platform around corners up to 2.5 metres with 125° left/right motion, allowing operators to reach difficult areas quickly and safely.

Operator safety improved with MEWPs
Falling hazards are one of the most common accidents on construction sites. While with scaffolding operators have to physically climb rigs to reach their platform, MEWPs can move labourers closer to their required site quickly and in a controlled manner.

Weight-loading issues are also a common cause of accidents on site. With a high load capacity of up to 450kgs, all JLG MEWPs are fitted with a work envelope management system, which adds load-bearing control to the MEWPs by automatically calculating that the weight of the platform does not exceed the weight of the boom.

All JLG machines are built with the highest safety standards in mind and are manufactured in ISO9001 approved factories. They meet the global safety requirements as well as the local SABS-standards and comply with South African mining and construction regulations.

Storing tools safely
Combining safety and productivity at height, JLG has designed Workstation in the Sky® products that conserve platform space, improve working conditions and turn the MEWP into one giant work tool. The Workstation in the Sky® accessory package, ideal for electricians, provides support for battery-powered tools while keeping them off the floor and within easy reach. Other packages help to bring compressed air (SkyAir® Package), welding machines (SkyWelder® Package), generator power (SkyPower® Package) and cutters (SkyCutter® Package) to height in a safer and more user-friendly way, giving customers greater functionality at height without compromising safety.

“Our offering is solutions oriented and the benefits of MEWPs over scaffolding culminate in an access solution that is much safer and economical,” says Larry Smith, Managing Director, Eazi Sales & Services “we also understand that comprehensive training can increase your productivity and reduce risks on-site and encourage operators to attend our comprehensive training course that is offered with the sale of all JLG MEWPs”.

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Eazi Sales & Service is the sole distributor of JLG access platforms and telescopic material handlers, servicing southern Africa and various countries within Africa, offering maintenance, repairs, JLG-parts and technical advice. The various industry sectors that Eazi serves include construction, industrial, transport, maritime, aviation, mining, warehousing, and petrochemical, among others. The company provides a complete turnkey solution to its customers through its national footprint and southern African support structure.  Eazi Sales & Service provides safe, productive and cost-effective working at height solutions to its customers.

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JLG MEWPs provide access to height without the time delay required to erect scaffolding, offering versatility and a higher speed of access, enabling operators to meet tighter deadlines while requiring less labour.

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