A lot more depends on streamlined maintenance in the petrochemical industry than meets the eye: entire nations depend on the steady supply of petroleum-based products, making having the right maintenance equipment at hand essential for keeping production outputs up.

Traditionally, maintenance tasks were completed with expensive and cumbersome ladders, scaffolding and even forklifts, but MEWPs (mobile elevated work platforms) from Eazi Sales & Service, South Africa’s sole distributor of JLG access platforms (more commonly known as cherry pickers), have completely revolutionised the way these tasks are performed.

“While quicker, more efficient maintenance is possible with mobile elevated work platforms, the key to effective plant upkeep is the unprecedented safety standards we bring to the market with the JLG products we supply,” says Larry Smith, Director, Eazi Sales & Service. “Our MEWPs are ideal solutions for increasing the speed, reducing the cost, and improving the quality of maintenance in petrochemical plants, an industry that is significantly dependent on working at height.”

Fumes and highly-corrosive environments present unique challenges to maintenance operations in the petrochemical industry. For these reasons, superior stability, reliability and manoeuvrability are essential features of access equipment. Meeting these directives, JLG mobile elevated work platforms are all manufactured and tested according to the most stringent international safety standards. The SABS has also fully recognised JLG’s safety principles.

The bottom line is that with the easy-to-operate JLG diesel boom lift range featuring extensive reach capabilities, excessive pressure is lifted off operators to complete maintenance tasks within tight timeframes. JLG mobile elevated work platforms are increasingly taking over the strenuous and laborious responsibilities associated with working at heights. This positively impacts on the real bottom line – the potential loss of profits by lengthy maintenance procedures.

Because Eazi Sales & Service understands that site designs are not uniform, it gets to know its clients’ businesses and fully assesses and designs access platform packages suitable for even the most specific tasks. Most petrochemical sites require reaching capabilities of up to 40 metres, and even higher. Eazi Sales & Service, thus, recommends the popular diesel boom lift series from JLG. This range escalates from the JLG 450AJ with maximum reach of 15.5 metres and the JLG 1250AJP with its 40 metre reach, to the recently-introduced JLG 1500SJ, boasting reach of 47 metres, a telescopic jib of 7.4 metres and 24 metre outreach.

A range of vertical scissor lifts and electric booms featuring the same high safety standards also form part of the mobile elevated work platform solution that Eazi Sales & Service offers. Smaller electrical models offer agility and versatility in smaller areas, giving operators quick and easy access to tight spaces. These machines all offer numerous cost-saving benefits over expensive and time-intensive scaffolding and bosun’s chairs.

“The idea behind bringing access platforms to the petrochemical industry is about maximising efficiency with safe and high-performance machines,” explains Smith. “Our machines’ capabilities help operators achieve this during maintenance projects involving shut downs, general maintenance of plants, electrical supply maintenance, and mechanical maintenance of petrochemical equipment.”

Mobile elevated work platforms are the safer alternative to a range of labour-intensive equipment as machines from Eazi Sales & Service carry the operators who perform the work to heights – reducing the risk of falls and other accidents resulting from fatigue. Getting to height with mobile elevated work platforms is also much quicker than other methods requiring platforms to be constructed. This eliminates the need for platform construction planning and certification.

Regardless of what machines are purchased, Eazi Sales & Service still facilitates significant cost savings. “Here, the bottom line is that mobile elevated work platforms are much more cost-effective working-at-height solutions than the more traditional, but out-dated, methods,” says Smith.

Eazi Sales & Service’s sister company, Eazi Access Rental, specialises in the short, medium and long-term rental of mobile elevated work platforms and offers this same cost-effectiveness and efficiency with all rental contracts. “Eazi Access Rental has been integral in introducing aerial work platforms into the petrochemical sector: Eazi Access Rental has supplied most of the MEWPs used in the building and expansion of petrochemical plants over recent years,” says Smith.

Further improving efficiency, effectiveness and safety – as part of a complete access solution, Eazi Sales & Service and Eazi Access Rental trains its customers’ staff and contractors to operate aerial work platforms. “We also custom-design service level agreements with the sale and rental of access platforms. This helps to ensure that machines operate at maximum capacities for truly effective maintenance in petrochemical plants,” concludes Smith.

Mobile elevated work platforms are perfect for the most extreme tasks, making maintenance in petrochemical plants Eazi.

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