Choosing the right Scissor Lift

As scaffolding fades into the recesses of history, scissor lifts come into their own due to the cost effectiveness and their time saving qualities. Spending a day setting up scaffolding and another to take it down has become a thing of the past. With greater reach and carrying capacity, it is logical to invest in the perfect lift for your company. Be it a push-around or the mighty diesel, scissors have become the industry standard, and we don’t have to wonder why.

When considering buying scissor lifts, there is really just two things you should wonder about; will it be a JLG diesel, or a JLG electric scissor lift? Even though the correct answer to the dilemma is “both”, I will run through the pros and cons of each so that you can rest assured, you will buy the perfect piece of equipment for your project.

The principle difference between the diesel and the electric scissor lift is its use in enclosed spaces. Using the diesel scissor while working on the outside and the electric scissor to work on the inside is the perfect symbiotic relationship. Diesel for the heavy lifting, electric for the inside – from painting to electrical to plumbing. Get your workers where they need to go by using our comprehensive range of lifts.

By comfortably reaching a working height of 15m, our range of diesel scissors can carry upwards of a 1000kg. Reaching speeds of 40km/h, it is quick enough to ensure that you always stay on schedule. Our lifts can be customised with a range of exclusive application-specific accessory packages, including electrical, plumbing, welding, cutting and more. This ensures that you have the correct equipment to satisfy your needs.

Our wide range of electric scissors have the benefit of reduced charging time and longer running time, they sport efficient direct electric drive system powers the lift for longer off or on slab, and they are environmentally-friendly with no fumes and no noise making working inside ideal.

Choosing the scissor lift that is right for you is imperative to ensure you get the perfect piece of equipment for your needs. Speak to one of our highly skilled consultants today to set you off on the road towards you perfect scissor companion.

About the Author: Eazi Sales