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  JLG Stock Pickers & Mast Lifts: Lift Workers Up, Safely, Quickly & Cost-effectively

Whether you are picking stock or stocking shelves, setting up displays or replacing signage, cleaning or performing maintenance, the range of JLG stock pickers and vertical mast lifts improve safety and productivity. They are compact, with a tight turning radius, for excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces and agile positioning, and versatile to help you complete more tasks, faster and safely.
With quiet, low emission operation, non-marking tyres and longer battery duty cycles, the self-propelled lifts are drivable at full height, while the push-around models are the only sensible alternative to ladders. Reduce manual handling and staff requirements, enjoy faster and safer set up and reap improved safety benefits over ladders and scaffolding.

Stock Pickers

JLG’s stock pickers are designed to help you improve efficiency with capacities up to 230kg, extend your reach up to 13m and enhance safety while you perform stock picking, general maintenance, or other repetitive tasks. The compact design and outstanding maneuverability of JLG’s stock pickers give you close access to shelving and materials — virtually eliminating the need for ladders or other elevating devices.

Push Around Lifts

JLG’s push-around models feature large platforms, high capacities of up to 160kg, and working heights of up to 14m without the need for outriggers. JLG also offers mobile models that can be driven at full platform height and configured to your specific stock-picking requirements.

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