App Lift Materials Workers & Tools Up

JLG Scissor Lifts: Lift More Materials, Workers & Tools Up, Faster and Safely

Take more materials, tools and workers to height safely, quickly and cost-effectively with JLG’s range of scissor lifts, ideal for applications requiring less reach and height, but more workspace and lifting capacity.

With up to 1 ton capacities and up to 26m reach, JLG’s scissor lifts offer exceptional rigidity and no sway for more stability and higher productivity. The corrosion-resistant aluminum deck with non-skid strips improves safety and logevity.

Choose the right solution
Choose from the range of diesel scissor lifts for rough terrainability or electric scissors for quiet, low emission operation in sensitive areas. Compact models offer easy access to narrow doorways and confined workspaces.

A range of exclusive application-specific accessory packages, including electrical, plumbing, welding, cutting and more, allows more work to be completed faster and more safely over a range of applications.

Diesel Scissors

With ample power for tough applications and improved traction for exceptional terrainability, JLG’s range of diesel scissor lifts get more materials, workers and tools up to a work area, quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

Electric Scissors

Offering quiet, low emissions operation for sensitive areas, JLG’s range of electric scissor lifts offers unmatched power and versatility for indoor and outdoor applications. Reduced charging time and noticeably longer runtime provided by a super efficient drive system delivers industry-leading duty cycles and quieter, smoother operations.

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