An Overview of Telehandler Attachments

Magni-Attachments-40-ton-Hook1By understanding the function and application of each telehandler attachment available, operators and site managers will more fully appreciate the incredible versatility of telehandlers on the worksite, as well as the significant safety benefits, cost-efficiencies and time-savings they create as they meet the challenge of a wide variety of jobs in many industries.

Standard carriages are commonly used on most worksites and enable operators to pick and place an assortment of materials, from pallets of bricks or concrete blocks to unwieldy loads of timber or pipes. These standard carriages are available in a variety of widths and fork lengths, and this can be extended with a JLG fork extension for longer loads.

Carriages not only offer different lengths and widths, but also varying ability to tilt. Standard carriages can tilt the forks forwards and backwards, while side-tilt carriages tilt side-to-side for more precise placement and retrieval. Side-shift carriages make it possible to slide a load to the right or left during placement by moving the forks side-to-side on the carriage, which is particularly useful for precision placement of loads through narrow access areas, such as windows.

Swing carriages can rotate up to 90° right or left, allowing operators to swing and place longer loads through windows and in confined areas, or where exact positioning is required.

With dual fork positioning carriages, operators can adjust each fork independently, so that a variety of palletized loads can be handled without changing the attachment.

A standard utility bucket or material bucket is ideal for scooping up and moving loose materials such as dirt, gravel, sand, mulch and small debris around the worksite quickly and efficiently. For more challenging clean up tasks, such as site clearing, grapple buckets are ideal as these feature hydraulic grapple arms that clamp down, securing a load of bulky materials.

Truss booms
Truss booms are ideal for moving suspended loads and are widely used in wood and steel building construction to set trusses, frames and beams. These truss booms are available in different sizes and with or without a winch, to provide the operator with extra reach capabilities.

Lifting hooks
Lifting hooks slip onto the carriage forks, adding significant versatility. These lifting hooks are ideal for difficult-to-handle objects, like machinery or tanks. Lifting hooks can also be used to handle suspended loads.

Work platforms or man buckets
Work platforms or man buckets transform a telehandler into an aerial work platform (AWP) by lifting workers, tools and materials to height safely and quickly. For example, in the construction industry, a work platform can lift bricklayers and mortar from one level of scaffolding to the next, lift inspectors for roof inspections, elevate electricians and spools of cable to transformers, and lift maintenance workers to replace lights.

JLG’s telehandler attachments
JLG’s telehandler attachments include a Light Material Bucket, Fork Positioning Carriage, Side-Shift Carriage, 4 in 1 Bucket, Digging Bucket, Fork Mounted Lifting Hook, Truss Boom, Concrete Ladle, Manure Bucket and 2m Pallet Forks.

Magni’s telehandler attachments
The range of attachments for Magni’s High Capacity Range of Telehandlers include a Cylinders Clamp with an 11 ton capacity, a 30 ton fork carriage with side shift, a 30 ton extendable Fork carriage with positioning device, a 40 ton Hook and Tyres Clamps with 8 or 16 ton capacities. The attachments for Magni’s Rotational Range of Telehandlers include Winches, Man Platforms, Hooks, Jibs, Buckets, Forks and Tyres Clamps.

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