An Introduction to Powered Access Platforms

Constr 70_600S_App_18Powered Access Platforms is another name for work at height equipment, colloquially known as cherry pickers and more formally known as Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) and Aerial Work Platforms (AWP).

What is it?
Powered Access Platforms are manoeuvrable work platforms with guard railings from which a worker can perform aerial work such as pruning trees or repairing electrical lines. These cherry pickers are power-operated elevating work platforms of which the height of the platform is adjusted by powered means using articulation, a scissors mechanism, a telescoping boom or tower, or any combination of these.

Special attributes and unique features
Powered Access Platforms are available in a wide range of types and configurations to ensure the right equipment can be selected for any job.

The main categories of Powered Access Platforms are scissor lifts, boom lifts, mast or personnel lifts (also known as stock pickers) and a number of specialist Powered Access Platforms.

For example, JLG’s range of scissor lifts offer vertical lift up to 15 metres with excellent stability and large work platforms that provide ample space for workers, tools and materials. JLG’s scissor lifts are available with diesel or electric engines.

JLG’s range of boom lifts includes telescopic (straight) booms and articulating (knuckled) booms, available in diesel-powered or electric-powered models. Both types of booms provide heights up to 50 metres as well as horizontal outreach, while articulated booms also offer ‘up-and-over’ access for hard-to-reach areas.

Personnel or mast lifts are small and compact and offer lower vertical lift, ideal for use in factories, warehouses, offices and retail environments. These platforms accommodate one or two workers and may have extending platforms for tools or stock and may offer horizontal outreach.

Specialist Powered Access Platforms include towable booms such as JLG’s Tow-Pro™ and spider lifts such as JLG’s Compact Crawlers, that can crawl up stairs and provide excellent stability on the most uneven terrain.

For which applications is it most useful for?
Powered Access Platforms are ideal for any application requiring a worker to perform work at height. As a cost-effective, easy-to-use and safe solution to working at height, Powered Access Platforms are safer alternatives to ladders, which accordingly to health & safety best practice guidelines should only be used for light work that will not exceed 30 minutes, does not require tools or materials weighing more than 10kg and will allow the worker to maintain three points of contact (hands and feet) at the working position.

Powered Access Platforms are also safer, quicker and more efficient alternatives to scaffolding which is too expensive and time-consuming for maintenance and cleaning work.

What it can do for you…

The right Powered Access Platform – whether a scissor or mast lift, or a telescopic or articulating boom – will take your workers and their tools to work at height safely and quickly, resulting in a significant improvement in site safety, increased productivity and reduced costs as more work can be done faster with fewer workers.

Check out JLG’s range of Powered Access Platforms or contact us at Eazi Sales & Service for expert advice.

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