An Introduction to Cherry Pickers

What is a cherry picker?  
A cherry picker is defined in the dictionary as “a manoeuvrable vertical boom with an open bucket or cage at the end from which a worker can perform aerial work such as pruning trees or repairing electrical lines”, also including “a vehicle equipped with such a boom”.

Another definition is “a hydraulic crane, especially one mounted on a truck, which has an elbow joint or telescopic arm supporting a basket-like platform, enabling a person to service high power lines or to carry out similar operations above the ground”.

Special attributes and unique features
These definitions, while useful, do not reveal the special attributes and unique features of cherry pickers that have ensured this type of equipment has become essential on modern work sites to improve safety, enhance productivity and control costs.

Consisting of a work platform which is raised by a telescoping boom, cherry pickers are widely regarded as the safest way to work at height. The worker or workers – along with their tools and the materials required for the job – are raised to the correct ergonomic height to perform the task at hand, and are protected by guardrails around the platform. With both hands free and their tools at hand in a comfortable work space, workers on a cherry picker can complete the job quickly, safely and cost effectively.

Cherry pickers are available in a wide selection of different configurations to meet very specific work requirements, including a range of working heights, lateral movement (side to side) and outreach capabilities. Certain cherry pickers have articulating booms with hinges that allow up-and-over access for hard-to-reach areas. The range of cherry pickers also include truck-mounted boom lifts and narrow, compact and electric versions for confined or sensitive areas. Cherry pickers are operated either by the worker on the work platform or by ground personnel.

For which applications is it most useful for?
While originally designed for harvesting fruit, cherry pickers are no longer only used in the agricultural industry, but in almost all industries, especially construction, but also in mining, aviation, facilities management, warehousing and many more.

Within these industries, cherry pickers are used for an almost endless list of tasks – from maintenance and repairs to cleaning and decoration.

What it can do for you…
Cherry pickers are not only the safest way to work at height, it also boosts productivity and reduces costs, as it requires no set up time, can be moved quickly and accurately to the next job site and therefore reduce the number of workers required to complete a task.

Speak to us at Eazi Sales & Service about the right cherry picker for your unique requirements. JLG’s range of cherry pickers include straight telescopic booms, articulating booms, vertical lifts, scissor lifts, mast lifts, stock pickers and spider lifts to ensure you have the right equipment for your specific applications, so you can harness all the many benefits of using a cherry picker.

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