JLG’s new game changer: redefining work at height possibilities

JLG’s New 1250AJP Ultra Series Articulating Boom Lift – A Game Changer


Supremely versatile, swift, safe and cost-efficient, the new JLG 1250AJP Ultra Series Articulating Boom Lift is now available in Southern Africa through Eazi Sales & Service. Taking safe high-reach versatility to new levels and extending from 0 to 38m in 120 seconds, this game changer is redefining what is achievable when working at height across a number of key industries.

“JLG’s new 1250AJP Ultra Series Articulating Boom Lift is a game changer set to redefine work at height versatility in key industries, including mining, construction, petrochemical and power plants, and ship building, among others,” Larry Smith, Managing Director of Eazi Sales & Service, the sole distributor of JLG equipment in the Southern Africa region.  

Supremely versatile

Offering superb versatility that allows operators safe access to difficult-to-reach areas, JLG’s new 1250AJP Ultra Series Articulating Boom Lift features an up-and-over height of over 18 metres and a horizontal outreach of over 19 metres, extending the platform working height to a towering 38 metres. Extending this incredible reach even further, the platform can also extend around corners by up to 2.44 metres, with a 125° left/right motion, thanks to the JLG-developed JibPLUS technology.

Despite this sophistication, the JLG 1250AJP features extreme rough-terrain ability, with oscillating axles, traction control, tilt alarm, 4-wheel drive, crab steer and all-wheel steer as standard features. It also offers remarkable lifting power, with an unrestricted lifting capacity of 230 kilograms, or 450 kilograms restricted at full height.

The JLG 1250AJP can be customised for even greater functionality and highly specific applications with tailor-made accessories. The Workstation in the Sky® Package, ideal for electrical work, supports battery-powered tools, keeping them off the floor and within easy reach. The SkyAir®, SkyWelder®, SkyPower® and SkyCutter® packages take compressed air, welding machines, generator power and cutters to height safely and swiftly. The Nite Bright® Package – consisting of 40-watt lights for any low lighting requirements – extends the JLG 1250AJP’s working hours through the night.


Delivering heightened productivity, the JLG 1250AJP boom takes workers from 0 to 38 metres in under 120 seconds, thanks to the unique JLG QuickStick®, which raises the tower boom and main boom simultaneously.


Providing such incredible platform heights, the JLG 1250AJP is built with safety as a non-negotiable priority. Appropriately-weighted counterweights, extending axles, automatic platform levelling, and an automatic work envelope management system, which limits the boom to operate within safe tolerances, are advanced safety features that are fitted as standard. Other must-have safety features include an auxiliary electric motor, which safely lowers the platform in the event of a power failure, and a sophisticated engine distress warning system.

JLG’s JibPLUS technology further allows for more precise handling at height, reducing the risk of banging against structures and providing more user comfort with reduced sway.

To further enhance safety, Eazi Sales & Service provides thorough operator training to ensure safe and effective use of powered access equipment. “As a member of IPAF (International Powered Access Federation), safety is our priority,” comments Smith. “As such, our training centre provides fully-compliant and machine-specific training as part of our turnkey powered access solution for industries.”


“Given its versatility, swift operation and safety features, the JLG 1250AJP is extremely cost-efficient to own and operate. It allows operators to get more diverse tasks done, quickly and safely, even on rough terrain and at night,” notes Smith.

“In addition, the diesel-powered platform utilises ADE (advance design electronics) to ensure only the energy necessary to perform a task is consumed, reducing both fuel consumption and overall emissions. This is a technology unique to JLG, which designs and manufactures access platforms for maximum operating efficiency and in line with global emissions regulations, including those of the USA, the EU and Australia.”

A definitive competitive edge

The JLG 1250AJP boom lifts have already proven their mettle on numerous Murray & Roberts construction sites and are boosting work-at-height capabilities at the Medupi and Kusile power plants.  “Safely and swiftly conducting procedures previously only possible with expensive, cumbersome and precarious rope access systems, operators on these sites are now, for example, bracing, positioning and welding steel sections into place at height, in less time, at lower cost and with a significantly reduced risk of accidents,” says Smith.

“Extending 38 metres in 120 seconds, while offering exceptional versatility across a range of applications, on rough terrain and even at night, the JLG 1250AJP boom lift is truly unique to the local market,” concludes Smith. “Exponentially increasing productivity in any industry where getting high-reach jobs done faster, safer and more cost-efficiently is of paramount importance, the JLG 1250AJP is more than just an articulating boom lift – it is a game changer that redefines work at height possibilities and provides operators in diverse industries with a definitive competitive advantage.”

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