10 Checks to Choose the Right Supplier Of Cherry Pickers

A reliable and competent supplier of your cherry picker equipment will ensure that your choice of equipment and brand is the right one for your specific needs and will be the go-to party when you need assistance.

Here are 10 checks to ensure you choose the right supplier.

1. Is the supplier reputable and well-established?
Determine if the supplier has a strong track-record for delivering excellent service to its customers both during and after the sale of the equipment.

2. Does the supplier hold industry memberships?
Companies who are actively involved in the industry they operate in and hold memberships of relevant industry associations are likely to have a long-term vision, to value their reputation as a role player within the industry and to be informed of the latest developments in the industry.

3. Does the supplier provide training?
Machine-specific operator training is crucial to safe operation and this value-added service should be included in the package when you acquire a cherry picker.

4. Does the supplier provide technical support?
24/7 technical support is reduces downtime and improves productivity.  Does the supplier offer this value-added after-sales service?

5. Can the supplier guarantee the availability of parts?
The availability of spares and parts is crucial to ensure maximum productivity and uptime. Does the supplier stock parts that will be required to repair, service and maintain the cherry picker?

6. Can the supplier provide onsite repairs?
Does the supplier have the capability to send trained technicians, equipped with the right tools, spares and parts, and consumables to provide onsite repairs?

7. Does the supplier provide maintenance and service facilities?
Can the supplier provide access to state-of-the-art workshop facilities, manned by trained technicians, to provide ongoing maintenance and service that will prolong the life of your cherry picker?

8. Is replacement equipment available during repairs and services?
Can the supplier provide replacement equipment to keep the job going while your cherry pickers are being maintained or serviced?

9. Does the supplier provide finance solutions?
Does the supplier offer legitimate finance solutions to protect your cash flow and boost profitability?

10. Can the supplier deliver your equipment?
Can the suppler deliver your cherry picker safely, onsite and on time?

Eazi Sales & Service, the official sole distributor of JLG and Magni telehandlers, and JLG cherry pickers, checks all of these boxes. Speak to us today to ensure you have an equipment supplier with a solid track record that offers all the value-added services to maximise your return on investment in a JLG cherry picker or a JLG or Magni telehandler.

About the Author: Gary